CANNAINVESTOR Magazine June 2016 - Page 51

Other partners include DNA Genetics, Indoor Harvest (another top 20 pick by CannaInvestor Magazine), and Cannscience. green investor to investigate for their own learning not only from the buy and hold Investor perspective but also from the Trader perspective. CGC has also started to expand internationally and recently took a position in Australia’s Auscann. They have real assets, real production, real clients, institutional investors, and their sales are growing month after month. Is the industry ripe for the astute and nimble Retail Investor that accepts the industry as a vibrant ecosystem undergoing continuous Ecoforming? You decide but you now have help as excellent research and discussion such as provided by CANNAINVESTOR Magazine will greatly assist and make decision making less stressful. The CEO has no qualms predicting his company will be a billion-dollar company and the data and growth potential are there In May 2016, the CEO stated that CGC intends to capture at least 40% of Canada’s market share in part by adapting an Amazon type model. MMJ is legal in Canada already and The government of Canada announced it will introduce legislation in the spring of 2017 that will pave the way to legalization of recreational use. CGC has the capacity and capability to the hit the ground running. As a holding company with cash on hand in this industry CGC can change the game on a dime as already social media and bullboards alike suggest that CGC has that intangible “it factor”. CGC has the potential to do the Ecoforming rather than falling victim to it. TNY and CGC are two good companies for both the savvy industry adept Retail Investor as well as the THE GREEN RUSH IS NOW! Regardless of your perspective, goals, and strategy, the Cannabis industry is absolutely blossoming for the Retail Investor. It may be generations before there is another opportunity such as this one. If you do not have enough to invest in several companies to ensure adequate diversification no worries as there are several holding companies including a few in the top 20 picks of this publication including Canopy Growth Corporation and Organigram Holdings Inc. Also the relative low share prices and low transaction costs on equity trades means that even the smallest Retail Investor can make regular recurring small investments to build a position. Is the cannabis industry a good investment? You decide! Louis Kyron CPA, CGA CSC, CPH BA Economics Currently sits on the Board of Not for Profit. The author does not endorse or recommend any company or industry referenced and their inclusion is for discussion and illustrative purposes only. 51