CANNAINVESTOR Magazine June 2016 - Page 25

of appropriate dosing forms and delivery systems for pharmaceutical-grade cannabis-based preparations, One World Cannabis will determine which markets and distribution channels are most suitable for any given product or formulation. In all cases, the Company will retain the intellectual property rights to proprietary discoveries made in conjunction with its initiatives and seek to secure patent protections. One World Cannabis filed eight provisional patent applications all related to its line of activity (pharmaceutical formulations; drug delivery; therapeutic uses of cannabinoids and other cannabis compounds), as well as know-how and trade secrets. The Company plans to continue to seek patent protection in the United States and other countries for our proprietary technologies. Consulting Services One World Cannabis believes that the complexity of the medical cannabis programs has created a demand for consulting and advisory services in different aspects of the medical cannabis industry. The Company’s services are designed to help government officials, policy-makers and regulatory agencies develop and implement tailor-made comprehensive medical cannabis programs. In addition, One World Cannabis offers medical cannabis regulatory compliance services and patient-care consultancy services. One World Cannabis has secured consulting contract with a group from Maryland called MedMar to pursue the license in Maryland and two more states in the US. The contract generated some income for our consultancy services and will generate more for two years per state and licensing fees from local manufacturing of its products. One World Cannabis has the experienced and knowledgeable team needed to develop and implement a comprehensive medical cannabis program. The company offers policy makers a turnkey project and plans to work with clients to address all matters related to the medical cannabis program: from drafting a version of the legislation and regulation tailored to the state’s specific needs; through running a smallscale medical cannabis program for a trial period; to operating the program nationwide. The Company’s management has the expertise in designing training programs for physicians, caregivers, and researches that are essential to the establishment of a successful, patient-focused medical cannabis program. By working with policy-makers, government officials, public agencies, and privately owned businesses, OWC believes they can also raise the public’s awareness of the benefits of cannabis-based treatments and products. 25