CANNAINVESTOR Magazine January / February 2017 - Page 86

Cancer-Fighting Stocks

As an area that has been blocked by research for many years, tons of scientists are finally able to get high-quality cannabis in their laboratories for testing. Though this stock category covers a broad array of companies it is realistic to think that there will rapid advancements in cancer research regarding cannabis in the next 3-5 years. For this reason, it is wise to start putting in the legwork finding these companies now and start watching their movement in the sector.

Cowen & Co. has opened up the discussion on when and how financial institutions should jump into the sector. With federal illegality still in place and the new administration unclear on how they will handle cannabis industry the best way to invest is in scientifically based stocks that we’ve mentioned above. Following these companies on social media is a great way to get a first look at their growth and understand their propensity to expand.