CANNAINVESTOR Magazine January / February 2017 - Page 71

Selecting companies is part of the due diligence exercise and the addition of a metric (β) to measure how successful that diversification may be in mitigating Unsystemic Risk is another tool to aid the prepared Retail Investor. Continuous monitoring that includes recalculating β regularly is instrumental to maintaining a successful portfolio.


Each company of these four case studies has been included in the CANNAINVESTOR top 25 Stock list during 2016 at least once. On January 13, 2017 reported that “Cannabis-based booze to be the Biggest Disruptor”. Tinley Beverage Company, based on recent news releases, appears on the cusp of launching its line of Tinley27 THC beverages “based on popular alcoholic as well as carbonated fruit drinks” (per the Q4 2016 “Corporate Presentation”) in addition to its flagship Hemplify line. On January 16th, TNY announced that it had an agreement with LA Distribution to carry Hemplify in Los Angeles and Orange County. Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss TNY with some Retail Investors and I asked Adam, an experienced Retail Investor, why he invested in TNY: