CANNAINVESTOR Magazine January / February 2017 - Page 59


Anton Ansalmar

Chief Executive Officer

With two decades of experience involving the creation of software delivery solutions for companies in various industries, he has quickly become an expert in mobilizing the rapidly developing cannabis industry.

Jerry Pham

Chief Operations Officer

An innovator at the forefront of mobile technology and graphic design, a professional fluent in business strategy, brand promotion and product development.

Mangesh Mahajan

Chief Strategist Officer

An expert in product design engineering , strategy and quality skills ensures quick practical execution with a proven record of getting things done.

Amy Berliner

Chief Marketing Officer

Her expertise, which includes senior-level positions in operations, marketing and manufacturing, and product development, gives her the insight necessary to succeed.

Ali Rasel

Chief Financial Officer

An expert in financial services with a keen focus on cost, accounting and HR management. He is also a certified Tax Preparer. He has a MS in accounting from Keller School of Management, Long Beach, CA.