CANNAINVESTOR Magazine January / February 2017 - Page 36


Around the same time, Future Harvest was consulting with a Bio Chemist from one of the big fertilizer companies and together developed the amazing "Holland Secret 3 part Aeroponic plant nutrient". This was the first plant nutrient made for Aeroponic systems. Up until that point no one had a fertilizer that was 100% sediment free that wouldn’t clog sprayers, misters or emitters.

This was an industry first! With further collaboration, Future Harvest developed an array of plant nutrient additives Bud Boom, Carbo Blast, Royal Gold and Royal Black.

After these great successes the brains behind the formulation, Bio Chemist Loren Price was hired on and completed the synergy. This gave Future Harvest the scientific, analytical and quality control know-how to grow the company. It also opened the door for Future Harvest to start down the path of being an industry leader in research and development.

Out of this commitment to research and development came many great products that Future Harvest is still proud of and continues to improve on. Some of the break-through products Loren and the team have developed include: The Hammer, Suck it Up, Calnesium, Plantacillian, Quick Roots, Easy Grow and Easy Bloom.