CANNAINVESTOR Magazine January / February 2017 - Page 22


Zen Labs has spent over $500K to date on construction and laboratory equipment, including (but not limited to):

•HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography);

•GC-FID (gas chromatography flame ionization detector);

•GC-MS (gas chromatography mass spectrometer);

•ICP-MS (inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometer);

•ICP-OES (inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometer);

•IC (ion chromatography);

•Pathogen and toxin license (risk group 2 -- human and animal pathogens);

•TheraCanSystem enterprise relational process, an ISO 17025(2005) and SQF-compliant (Safe Quality Food) Web-based software that provides the laboratory information management system required by Health Canada for traceability and auditability of Zen Labs' sample handling;

•A secure and encrypted off-site private server to store data and information for auditability by Health Canada and Zen Labs' qualified persons in charge;

•A state-of-the-art and compliant security system with a level 7 vault (currently in construction) designed and installed by Paladin/BMS.


AB Laboratories is a Federally Licensed Producer of Medical Marijuana located in Hamilton Ontario, Canada, one of only 38 sales licenses in all of Canada. This acquisition was the one that put Invictus on the map of serious players in the cannabis space. Dan Kriznic, CEO of Invictus said it best, "This investment in AB Laboratories Inc. and AB Ventures Inc. solidifies Invictus as a major player in the forefront of the cannabis industry."