CANNAINVESTOR Magazine January / February 2017 - Page 20


PODA TECHNOLOGIES – Vaporizing Reimagined

One of the earliest acquisitions, PODA Vape (formerly Edison Vape) is owned 100% by Invictus. The Company has an ingenious patent pending design which allows users to purchase and vaporize consumables in a new way. Think of it as a convection oven for your vape. But wait it gets better, each PODA POD is a fully recyclable, inexpensive and made with medical grade components. PODA’s innovative design eliminates tedious cleaning requirements through its disposable self-contained POD system and delivers a consistent like new user experience. Now for the first time you can have great tasting convenience with a conscience.

One of the neat things about the soon to be released PODA VAPE is the digital connectivity. PODA PODs enhance the user experience by communicating real-time information about the contents of each PODA POD. Now a medical professional can view and monitor in real-time dosage and usage simply by logging into the PODA app. Once the PODA app is downloaded and connect with a Bluetooth-enabled device the user is able to access a host of previously impossible features. These features are currently being kept secret in anticipation of a spring 2017 launch. If you are interested in learning more or signing up for the PODA beta-test, please visit their website at