CANNAINVESTOR Magazine January / February 2017 - Page 107

The NASDAQ was the favorite new home for OTC graduates in 2016 with over 90% of this year's graduates choosing the NASDAQ as their new exchange. The OTCQB has also proven to be the best launching pad for OTC issuers looking to transition to a senior exchange. Over 50% of this year's uplists graduated from the QB tier of the OTC Markets.

With 19 of the approx. 900 OTCQB listed securities uplisting, the OTCQB had a 2% graduation rate, the highest graduation rate of any OTC Markets tier (QX ~ 1.3% and Pink ~ .1%). Above, we have included a list of 2016's OTC graduates. Congrats to all of 2016's graduates from the Acquis Team!