CANNAINVESTOR Magazine February / March 2017 - Page 90

Puff, puff pass has definitely crossed into mainstream America by way of marijuana companies stock trading on the USA stock market. Daily I am asked a variety of questions when people find out that I am one of these cannabis stock traders. Some questions I have fielded and comments people have made include:

-Isn’t it illegal, won’t you go to jail!?

-I don’t smoke marijuana so I don’t know what kind of stocks to buy!

-How do you get started and get in on those stocks?

-If I gave you money can you just invest it for me?

-I know a lot of people who are talking about this, I want to do it! How can I?

-How much do I have to spend on these stocks?

-How much money can you make?

-I saw on TV that a lot of states are making it legal now, I want in!

-I don’t want to get in trouble at my job, but I want to learn how to invest in it!

-Will I lose money?

These questions represent a wide variety of people from different cultures, faiths, backgrounds and current stations in life. It shows the increased interest and curiosity for people who want to learn and understand how to become a part of this amazing new opportunity. I will answer several of these questions next.

No, investing in cannabis stocks is not illegal. While the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) recognizes that cannabis sativa is still a Schedule 1 drug under the 1971 Controlled Substances Act, IPOs in this marijuana stock trading space is not yet allowed. So doing your research on a desired company is extra important before you invest. There may be some companies, in my opinion, which might operate a little less than honestly. I believe, eventually, however that cannabis will get reclassified and the FINRA will allow cannabis related companies to IPO.

You do not have to smoke marijuana in order to buy stocks in the stock market. I have never smoked in my life but I have many people in my life that use it for a variety of “medicinal purposes”.

Making up your mind that you would like to actually begin investing in cannabis stocks trades would be the first step. The second step would be deciding on a broker or brokerage firm to execute your future trades.

Only a licensed broker can legally take your money and execute stock trades for you.

Millions of people are absolutely talking about this cannabis industry and wondering just how to begin to invest in it! Add yourself to this great category of people.