CANNAINVESTOR Magazine February / March 2017 - Page 82

Another leaked document reveals, CCA is try to buy out and manage correctional facilities across 48 of the 50 states.

If completed, states will be required to maintain at least a 90%+ occupancy rate of prison capacity at all times...

And we're still not done.

WE are technically paying for this. (Okay, seriously?? wtf)

The most frustrating part?

American citizens indirectly pay the bill for this shit show.

The corrections industry is funded by our taxes and state funds. A majority of prison operations are handed over to corporations via government contracts.

(By the way… your taxes probably helped pay the president of CCA's $3.4 million salary.)

They make billions cashing in government prison contracts smoothly softened with the term "Correctional Partnerships."

In 2010, the estimated total cost to state's taxpayers for enforcing marijuana arrests was about $3.6 Billion

In that same year, the top 2 private corrections corporations (CCA & GEO) collected a revenue of $2.9 Billion.

We are virtually shoveling tax dollars into their pockets.

Why is “profit-over-people” the status quo for an industry that should be focused solely on human services?

Correctional facilities should be developed with the sole intention of correcting lives... Not to cage people for profit.