CANNAINVESTOR Magazine February / March 2017 - Page 80

The economics of incarceration:

Always follow the money.

Did you know... enforcing and imprisoning people for marijuana alone costs over $6 billion per year?

This is a massive market. And the recurring revenue model makes private prisons extremely attractive to investors and companies.

Most prisons are made for profit.

Private prison corporations are well aware of this valuable niche and leverage it to their full advantage.

Here is a leaked PowerPoint slideshow from the world’s largest private prison corporation - Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). The document shows a clear "profit-over-people" approach in an industry that should be focused on human services.

In an earnings report - (CCA) presents their industry as an "Unique Investment Opportunity".

The leaked PowerPoint and earnings reports from CCA reveal their clearly inhumane approach to corrections.

More People = More Profit.

Most countries take pride in minimizing the total number of citizens in jail or prison.

Yet, American private prisons "utilize available capacity" to drive up revenue, earnings, and growth.

Here's an appendix page from CCA's quarterly earnings report taking pride in utilizing near maximum capacity.