CANNAINVESTOR Magazine February / March 2017 - Page 49


What Do Investors Look For On Social Media?

Penny stock investors are using social media to gauge the public’s response to the company that they’re researching. This means that they will look at the full scope of online presence of any particular company before purchasing any stock. The online presence includes, but is not limited to, the website, Google rankings, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Aside from this web presence, investors want to see that the public is interested enough to interact with the brand on social media. To them this is a sign that there is a future for this somewhat new endeavor. If a company’s social media pictures and posts have a lot of interactions, and better yet shares, they are automatically more interesting to potential investors.

How Do OTC Companies Accomplish This?

To create a real presence on social media sites OTC companies have to present their brand as an identity. The public responds when they can relate to a brand or project. And always remember first and foremost that the constant direct sale doesn’t fly on social sites though it is suitable once in awhile. Building a social presence requires building a regular content plan with an emphasis on the isolated personality of the brand. The only way to start a conversation on social media is to relate to people, and once the brand is relatable it only takes that one expert post to take the company to the viral zone. So basically, the best way to build the type of social media platforms that draw investors is to start now!

Anyone can be successful on social media if they put in the time and effort that it takes to build an organic following. Be real, be present, and be prompt to respond; these are the best ways to succeed as a OTC company on social media.