CANNAINVESTOR Magazine February / March 2017 - Page 42

Retail Investor's Perspective


With respect to the JV, according to the January 19, 2017 news release, the two companies “are pleased to announce the successful development and initial trial of the industry's first zero-sugar cannabinoid / pterostilbene edible tablet utilizing both NeutriSci's and Lexaria's proprietary and patented technologies. NeutriSci's proprietary pterostilbene tablet formula was used to produce the world's first pterostilbene / cannabidiol (CBD) rapid melt edible product offering the benefits of Lexaria's patented CBD conjugation technology. The market-ready tablet offers improvements in taste, rapidity of onset, and strength of effect due to greater bioavailability, as had been originally hypothesized”. The JV parties expect to commercialize any newly created cannabinoid edible products through distribution programs with existing strategic partners.

There are many other ways to achieve diversification and although this case study highlighted Lexaria and Neutrisci as having future potential, it is for illustrative and discussion purposes strictly within the academic framework of a case study only and it is not investment advice. This JV is but one academic example of many possible real world ventures that may reward the prepared Retail Investor. If I were to make a recommendation it would be to monitor the results and findings of the collaboration between Lexaria and the NRC as those findings and results may be far reaching.