CANNAINVESTOR Magazine February / March 2017 - Page 36


Retail Investor's Perspective


Companies that have been referenced in past “From the Retail Investor’s Perspective” articles that have not been included in the “Top 25 Stock Picks” or the “Stocks to Watch” are also diversified by one or more of product, sector, industry, or geography. Now is a good time to look at your own portfolio to see how diversified each company is. Successful companies, much like successful Retail Investors, seldom have their eggs all in one basket.


What stock to buy now? I cannot think of another question that I am asked more often – we all want to buy the stocks of the next Apple, Tesla, or Canopy Growth Corporation. The tools needed are found within past, current, and future issues of CANNAINVESTOR Magazine. It is truly that simple. The articles written by the many contributors compliment one another and lay the necessary ground work. However, it cannot be repeated enough – there is no escaping the due diligence and continuous monitoring required. For example, there has been recent speculation as to what the Federal government may do. Such due diligence not only defends your investment dollars but may increase your potential ROI - the best defense (due diligence) is a good offence (ROI). Seeds are also often found in various news stories covering the industry. For example, we have known for years of the medical benefits derived from hemp and marijuana and the research supporting this seems to only grow. It is no wonder that the ROI of some industry related pharma companies have dwarfed the index’s return. Have a look at the Top 25 Stock List and not only is the Pharma sector well represented directly but some of the other companies have added a direct or indirect presence in the pharma sector. A good example is Aphria Inc (TSXV:APH; OTC:APHQF) with its $1M investment in Tetra Bio Pharma Inc (CSE:TBP; OTC:GRPOF); $8.4M investment in Canabo Medical Corp (TSXV:CMM; OTC: CAMDF); and it’s 7.5% stake in CannaRoyalty Corp (TSXV:CRZ; OTC:CNNRF) that in turn also has assets in the Pharma sector. The advertisements appearing in CANNAINVESTOR Magazine are also another great resource to add to your growing list of prospective investments.