CANNAINVESTOR Magazine February / March 2017 - Page 35




January’s article focused on diversifying within the legal Cannabis and Hemp Industries. For all referenced companies, an important reminder is that I am not compensated to reference companies and all referenced companies are solely for illustration and discussion purposes only and do not represent an investment recommendation.

Each issue of CANNAINVESTOR Magazine has a “Top 25 Stock Picks” list and a “Stocks to Watch” list for long term and for short term strategies and together these lists may be ideal for the Retail Investor. To show how important diversification is, the first five companies, the last five companies, and a few in-between from the “Top 25 Stock Picks” list (long term) from the January issue will be quickly highlighted with diversification in mind - #14 was the January cover feature company. The following chart clearly shows how diversified business lines are a key to success in this industry. Each company is diversified within the legal Cannabis industry with some having business lines outside of it. Detailing how these companies are diversified would require a book length article so you will need to do your own research.