CANNAINVESTOR Magazine February / March 2017 - Page 24

Professor Marco Falasca stated:

"After years of slow progress in the field of pancreatic cancer treatment, we hope to finally open the path to new therapies for pancreatic cancer."



•Trial sites identified in multiple target locations, including the USA and Australia

•Discussions with Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) underway and relevant submissions for ethics approvals in progress

•Trials will assess the clinical efficacy of Zelda’s formulation to treat insomnia

•Substantial anecdotal evidence of compounds’ effectiveness exists for sleep disorders

•Trials to clinically validate effectiveness and drive broader use of medical cannabis to treat sleep disorders, with trial data expected later this year

•Insomnia affects ~35% of the global population and the global sleep aids market alone is expected to be worth US$80.8 billion by 2020

Zelda Therapeutics strategy to target the significant sleep disorder market is progressing and has identified trial sites in multiple target locations, including the USA and Australia.

The Company is also progressing discussions with potential partner Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) in local markets and submissions for the necessary approvals from the relevant ethics committees in each location are now in progress.

The Company anticipates receiving approvals during 2017 with the trials to commence shortly thereafter.