CANNAINVESTOR Magazine February / March 2017 - Page 19

Market Differentiation

Zelda Therapeutics has a two-pronged strategy to quickly develop Zelda into one of the world’s leading medicinal cannabis biotechnology companies. This approach provides a pathway to revenues in the short term through fast-tracked clinical trials, whilst generating significant value in the background through our cancer research activities.

Firstly, the company has identified several medical disease areas (indications) where it can fast-track its formulations into human clinical trials – notably sleep disorders such as insomnia and dermatology indications such as eczema. Zelda is expected to commence these trials during 2017 and has identified a relatively rapid path to commercialization. If successful, Zelda could obtain product registrations in selected markets as early as 2018 with revenues flowing from there.

Secondly, the company has focused on certain cancers where there is a growing body of evidence that cannabinoids can improve treatment outcomes and quality for life for patients. Zelda has implemented research partnerships with leaders in the field of breast, brain and pancreatic cancer using cannabinoids as therapeutic agents, initially in combination with existing chemo and radio-therapy treatment regimes. Zelda is also examining the potential to use cannabinoids to reduce the impact of chemotherapy-induced nausea as well as the potential to reduce the toxicity of certain cancer drugs.

Key Products and Research Focus

The company’s key focus is testing a range of formulations and depending on the disease either in the form of oils administered sub-lingual or through creams for topical application.

The company’s research and clinical program are fully funded and benefit from the Australian Government’s research and development tax rebate program providing non-dilutive funding for the company. Zelda is pleased to be entering 2017 with sufficient financial runway well into 2018 with the potential for a number of significant value creating milestones to be achieved.