CANNAINVESTOR Magazine February / March 2017 - Page 17

Recent Achievements

Over the last 12 months the company has:

•Established a Medical Advisory Board with globally recognized leaders in their field

•Commenced a research collaboration with the prestigious Complutensé University Madrid testing our formulations in a range of breast cancer models

•Raised $4 million and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange

•Expanded its research into brain cancers and pancreatic cancer with leading medical research institutes

•Filed multiple international patents

•Initiated clinical trial activities, initially for insomnia, in multiple countries

•Expanded business development activities to maintain Zelda at the forefront of the medicinal cannabis field

Board & Management Team

Zelda has established a world class board, medical advisory committee and management team that brings international expertise in financial services, medical technology, and cannabis research and treatments.

The medical advisory board is composed of international leaders in the medical cannabis field including Professor Manuel Guzmán, and Professor Cristina Sánchez from Madrid’s Complutensé University.