CANNAINVESTOR Magazine February / March 2017 - Page 14


Zelda Therapeutics Limited (“Zelda”) is an Australian biotechnology company which listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in November 2016, trading under the ASX code “ZLD”.

The company is a global leader in medical cannabis, developing therapies in collaboration with a number of key international opinion leaders and research organizations. Through its connection with California company Aunt Zelda’s, it has exclusive access to years of comprehensive patient data that has demonstrated therapeutic success using cannabinoid-based treatments. Using this real world knowledge as a strong foundation, Zelda has leveraged this to commence pre-clinical research in breast, brain and pancreatic cancer.

In addition, it is gearing up to commence a number of human clinical trials in 2017 in several therapeutic areas including insomnia and dermatological conditions such as eczema.

The medical cannabis industry in Australia is set to boom, with the necessary legislation being passed in 2016 providing the regulatory framework for clinicians to prescribe medicinal cannabis to patients in need. This change in regulation has bought with it an increased awareness from the medical profession, investors and the general community on the benefits of medical cannabis. Zelda is well placed to take advantage of this new growth market leveraging off its international connections and solid research base.