CANNAINVESTOR Magazine February / March 2017 - Page 123


Marketing and Sales

With an injection of seed capital we will be able to:

•Develop new and exciting marketing and sales content

•Develop a professional Trade Show booth to introduce our new products

•Industry trade shows help to educate, demonstrate, and display our product line

•Nothing sells the Tamisium system better than the system itself

•One basic demonstration exposes weakness of all other extraction systems

•We provide a data driven and repeatable process that can be controlled systematically to standardize production

•Reduce and remove risk while also providing a higher quality product faster while exponentially lowering cost upfront and longterm

•The Tamisium Extractor does all this safely with the safest and most controllable silent process created

•Develop fully networked and online presence

•Diversify into expanding industries with multiple brands

•Advertise in Magazines, banners, websites, press releases, exposes, articles, advertorials, online instructional videos, YouTube videos, reviews, and social media campaigns

•Build inventory to meet the needs of an expanding business