CANNAINVESTOR Magazine December / January 2016 - Page 95

• Software That Would Allow Final Consumers to View Product and Schedule Delivery From our Clients (Dispensaries)

GCA has acquired a video ordering system (such as Skype), the “Virtual Bud Tender”, where the consumer can call the dispensaries and view the product through real time video and place the order by looking at the product before actually buying it. We will sell this service and license it to the dispensaries. Initial research has shown outstanding acceptance by the dispensaries. This new system would come into service beginning 2018. The revenues for this service is not included in our financials until we are confident about the pricing.

GCA will launch a distribution service to the cannabis industry by providing a wide variety of products to medical MJ dispensaries and delivery services. Today, most dispensaries order by phone and have the products sent to them by the postal service or U.P.S. Dispensaries are often out of inventory for a number of items. In comparison, the distributors for the alcohol, tobacco and beverage industries have done exceptionally well over the years and really control the retail distribution. It is well known in the beverage industry that unless the distributor agrees to inventory and place the beverages, the manufacturer has very limited alternatives.

Distributors, that have weekly contact, normally develop a very strong relationship with the customers. This also allows the distributor to have an advantage in dealing with manufacturers to distribute their products.