CANNAINVESTOR Magazine December / January 2016 - Page 94

GCA will partner and share distribution costs with HealthMax to offer the following products to retail dispensaries:

• Marijuana (varieties)

• Wax and Oil

• Vaporizer Pens

• Gear (accessories)

• Tincture

• Edibles (Variety including: bars, baked goods, cookies and beverages)

• Concentrates and Topical

Currently, in the state of Colorado, (which is the main benchmark for the other states after it legalized both medical and recreational MJ) the reported revenue from marijuana purchased for smoking has been 60% and edibles has been 40%.

Our Services

• Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Delivery Services to Dispensaries

The normal producer/grower turns its inventory every three months for indoor grow and once a year for outdoor grow. When sold out, the client would wait for the next production to be available. With our production method, we will be able to supply every week, bi-weekly or monthly to meet clients’ needs. This will keep our product always fresh on the shelves of the dispensaries.