CANNAINVESTOR Magazine December / January 2016 - Page 93

0 Strategy and Implementation Summary

Our Products

Management surveyed ten dispensaries and ten delivery services to determine product categories, MJ blends, and edible varieties. It is important for the distribution company to stock our products and strong quality products, such as edibles and eventually grow into a full service source. Please review the data chart for a summary of the survey:

GCA will partner and share distribution costs with HealthMax to offer the following products to retail dispensaries:

• Marijuana (varieties)

• Wax and Oil

• Vaporizer Pens

• Gear (accessories)

• Tincture

• Edibles (Variety including: bars, baked goods, cookies and beverages)

• Concentrates and Topical

Currently, in the state of Colorado, (which is the main benchmark for the other states after it legalized both medical and recreational MJ) the reported revenue from marijuana purchased for smoking has been 60% and edibles has been 40%.