CANNAINVESTOR Magazine December / January 2016 - Page 92

Commercial Division

The Commercial Division will be involved in two of the main phases of the business chain, distribution and retail. We are scheduled to acquire the distribution rights of dispensaries/retail delivery services and hundreds of edible companies that will save them time and money to eliminate their internal labor of extracting the oil.

Distribution Rights

Green Cross Alliance will acquire distribution rights, the “Dispensary Alliance Program” for licensed retail dispensaries and delivery services. The Company already has commitments from a few dispensaries to present the “Alliance Program”. These MJ dispensaries have stood the test of time and legalities in the medical MJ states and even the approved recreational states of Colorado and Washington. Management believes that marijuana dispensaries will have a major role in this industry because of licensing laws that will be similar to that of liquor. These dispensaries carry a wide variety of products that offer the consumer choices regarding the type and variety of marijuana that meets their medical challenges including the effects the consumer desires in terms of taste and strength. Edibles are growing at an incredible rate over smoking the product. The State of Colorado reported that revenue in the first two months after legalization amounted to 40% for edibles and 60% for smoking the marijuana as a rolled “joint”, in a pipe, a vaporizer, or bong, etc.

95% of all dispensaries and delivery services sell products that represent each product category that are produced in the industry. The average dispensary and delivery service carry over 30 different marijuana strain varieties, 14 edible selections, as well as beverage selections, concentrates, (gear accessories), wax, tincture, and topical.

Below are Some of the Highlights of the Commercial Division

• GCA will be making deliveries each week to provide a variety of products, filling orders and establishing a business relationship. The retailer will look to GCA, who can deliver every week, or place orders by phone and having their orders shipped by mail or U.P.S. Depending on size, the distribution company will offer weekly, every other week, or once per month visits for smaller accounts. GCA plans to outsource everything it distributes, such as MJ, edibles, and accessories.

• GCA will market its own brands under a Private Label, “Supreme Green” for high quality MJ in several strains. Other secured trademarks are “Dube Hemp Tea,” “Wild Hemp Bar”, flavored “Wild Hemp Tea” and “Supreme Green Concentrates”.

• GCA will offer in-­‐store merchandising programs to help retailers sell more of our products that will benefit both the distributor and the retailer. These traditional retail promotional displays are rare in current dispensaries.

• GCA will secure distributing rights to certain products that the company believes in the manufacturers for their quality, credibility and market acceptance. The Company is in a great position to capitalize on obtaining distribution rights as the industry is currently being supplied by hundreds of “cottage industry” manufacturers.