CANNAINVESTOR Magazine December / January 2016 - Page 82


Management Summary

Hector Delgadillo: Vice President Marketing

Mr. Delgadillo  will  bring  his  36  years  of  design  and  marketing  talents  t o Health Max Group. He  has  previously  worked  for  companies  such  as  Exigo Group,  DKN Marketing,  Joseph  Pataki Packaging  and  now  owns  his  own  firm,  Design  Network.  His  expertise  includes:  advertising design,  packaging,  web/graphic  designs,  Internet  marketing,  display  graphics,  logos,  industrial design, technical illustration, etc. Hector's  excellent  work  experience  with  both  large  and  small enterprise  and  his  passion  for  promoting  the  health  benefits  of  our Pure Medical Grade CBD Hemp  Oil  has  played  a  major  role  in  helping  HealthMax,  in  both  Corporate  and  our  CBD  Healthcare  (CBD  Hemp  Oil).  Mr. Delgadillo recognizes  this  is  a  “once  in   a  life time”  opportunity  to  be  a  part  of  history  in  participating  in  a  new industry.  He plans on  joining  full -time  as  soon  as  the  Company  is funded.  His  energy  and enthusiasm  sets  the  example for any  company  employee.

Specialty Skills: Mr. Delgadillo provides Health Max Group special skills in Concept Design, Strategic Planning and has excellent execution skills for project management. He has a great personality and works well with everyone on the team without his ego ever getting in the way.

Sal Marasa, Vice President Business Development.

Salvatore "Sal" Marasa has been serving as Vice President of Business Development for HealthMax Group since September of 2016. Mr. Marasa brings with him years of experience in identifying and developing ventures in their early stages that were otherwise completely disruptive to the marketplace. Starting with a career dedicated to finance, Mr. Marasa participated in private placements, initial public offerings and other financings. As a pioneer in the field of finance, he cofounded one of the first online trading companies, Key Trade Online, that was bought out within seven months of development. Mr. Marasa soon applied these past experiences to create a firm that specialized in marketing, consulting and investing. With his keen foresight into trend forecasting, he was able gain a position as the largest shareholder in one of the first online search engines. Coming across the Halo product, Mr. Marasa sees an opportunity that will change the health and wellness field as well a placement in everyday living.