CANNAINVESTOR Magazine December / January 2016 - Page 81

Management Summary

Neil Ford, Jr.: Chairman and CEO

Biographical Information:

Mr. Ford  has  been  an  entrepreneur  since  he  was  a  teenager  selling  anything  and  everything.  In his early 20’s, he founded a moving company in California,  sold it and took over a one-man maintenance company and built that company into a multimillion dollar national maintenance company, called Service Anywhere.  The Web site: shows the type of companies that Mr. Ford acquired as customers, including Fortune 500 companies and major banking institutions. Mr. Ford’s entrepreneurial success and experience will provide the type of leadership to help build “Health Max Group” into a successful business.

Specialty Skills: He is an excellent leader, enthusiastic and has a high emotional intelligence. His energy sets the example for everyone he works with and his focus is outstanding.

David Posel: President and COO

Biographical Information:

David Posel started his earliest years as a metallurgical engineer at AGCO Metalex, a large precious metals refinery. The son of a Ph.D. chemist, engineer and mathematics major, he quickly went on to the Semiconductor manufacturing industry for nearly a decade as a metallic coatings engineer, and leaving to attend ASU West in Arizona. With an engineering and metallurgical chemistry background, David majored in Religious Sciences and switched gears to agricultural production for an additional eight years. He was the farm director and chief environmental scientist for what was once the oldest organic farm in the state of Colorado.

Specialty Skills: David has superior management skills and an extensive background in chemistry and engineering which gives him the knowledge necessary to produce such high quality CBD isolate and to run a successful operating business.