CANNAINVESTOR Magazine December / January 2016 - Page 78

General Market Summary

• Pure CBD isolate is among the most important emerging ingredient to hit the world market for health and wellness, and is in the early adoption phase of the product life cycle that has shown dramatic growth over the last two years due to 23,000 medical publications covering 43 diseases.

• During the past two years, there has been an overwhelming demand for CBD, or Cannabidiol, to treat a variety of ailments in both humans and pets. CBD is the chemical found in Hemp and Cannabis which is not psychoactive (which means it will not get you “high”). The CBD is a property of the plant that scientists claim has the potential to help alleviate symptoms of many different ailments, including neurological, epilepsy, arthritis, Parkinson’s, chronic pain, anxiety, and diabetes. Industrial hemp is legal to import under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

Market Competition

• There are many small importers that market CBD paste oil, which do not meet purity standards. Those companies are MJNA, Dixie Botanicals, Flamaret, Kanna Life Sciences, Bluebird Botanicals and others who have been publicly criticized due to efficacy issues, toxicity findings by the FDA. This has led to a retraction in CBD paste sales and a sharp increase in CBD Pure Isolate sales.

• HMG has consistently planned and solved many of the product development problems associated with CBD isolate formulations which helps HealthMax Group stay ahead of the competition. There are only three manufactures of CBD Pure Isolate. HMG produces the only proprietary CBD Isolate formula through science and technology.