CANNAINVESTOR Magazine December / January 2016 - Page 58

MagicGPS IoT (Internet of Things) uses Wi-Fi not Cellular to send its data insuring no one else gets your data! At $29 a year it is about 80% less than the cellular solution that share the data like cellular companies. We are a good fit with many business that don’t want to pay the $350+ a year

Custom Trip Reports

Custom GPS tracking to fit your business

Integration to your current systems

Private data never travels across cell phone systems


MagicGPS’s IoT (Internet of Things) device and cloud service use Wi-Fi networks to send its GPS information instead of cellular networks there by eliminating high monthly cellular GPS tracking cost.

Travel speeds and locations are recorded and sent from our IoT device and displayed for our clients on a special dashboard powered by Google Maps. They can track any and all vehicles in their fleet by simply installing our innovative, easy to use, compact IoT tracking device.