CANNAINVESTOR Magazine December / January 2016 - Page 51


Customer Case: The Grove

Check out the video above to hear Kevin Biernecki,master grower at The Grove, explain why they chose Heliospectra lights.

The Grove is a 44,000 square foot medical marijuana facility located in Las Vegas, Nevada. From clones to flower, The Grove is an organic grow operation dedicated to producing all-natural medicines, including marijuana concentrates and edibles. The new cutting-edge, eco-friendly indoor grow and production facility features over 600 Heliospectra LX601C LEDs, illuminating four double-tiered, vertical flowering rooms and a triple-tiered, vertical vegetative room. Heliospectra helped the Grove set up lighting conditions to mimic the natural cycles of day and night during harvest season, thereby maximizing growth and minimizing energy consumption.


-40 percent direct energy savings compared to HPS lighting

-Capital outlay for HVAC reduced by 50 percent

-Decreased carbon footprint

-THC levels of 31% and Myrcene levels of 13%