CANNAINVESTOR Magazine December / January 2016 - Page 30


Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd. (OTCQB:GLDFF) (CSE:GLH) (“GLH” or the “Company) is one of the largest cannabis oil and solution providers in North America and is a leading cannabis company in Oregon. With a product portfolio built around recognized brands, the Company strives to provide users with a superior value and experience.

•Golden Leaf leverages a strong management team and advanced research techniques that complement its expertise in extracting, refining, and selling cannabis oil.

•The Company is firmly committed to quality control and good manufacturing practices.

•GLH recently closed a C$12 million capital raise, renewing growth capital.

Expertise and Best Practices from the Food Industry

Cannabis will become a branded business similar to what exists in the food industry. Food experience is relevant as the Company is essentially marketing food products. To differentiate itself from competitors, GLH applies best practices from the food industry to cannabis and leverages a management team of experienced food professionals. Smaller cannabis or “mom and pop” companies across different states encounter challenges when competing due to a lack of business experience and the inability to scale.