CANNAINVESTOR Magazine December / January 2016 - Page 159

PayQwick's Services

PayQwick’s payment processing platform provides the following benefits to its account holders:

•PayQwick facilitates normal business bank accounts for its licensed marijuana clients through its compliance assessment programs

•PayQwick allows marijuana retailers to pay producers and processors for inventory electronically so that no cash need trade hands

•PayQwick allows marijuana producers and processors to require a retailer to set aside funds to pay for the inventory that a producer or processor sells the retailer before the inventory leaves the producer or processor’s premises

•PayQwick provides armored car cash pickup services to producers, processors and retailers so that these businesses do not have to store large sums of cash onsite or take cash to the bank for deposit

•PayQwick allows producers, processors and retailers to pay non PayQwick users via its Bill Pay service

•PayQwick allows marijuana consumers to pay for marijuana without cash via a PayQwick card or the PayQwick smartphone app