CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August 2016 - Page 9

MyDx Technology:

The Genesis

MyDx was born amid growing concerns

about the thousands of dangerous chemicals

surrounding our daily lives. The Company was founded by CEO Daniel Yazbeck, a seasoned entrepreneur, scientist and marketer who previously worked on chemical R&D

technologies at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Yazbeck was particularly troubled by the toxins that are difficult to detect, such as those in our water or in the air. He was concerned about the many pesticides that are sprayed on most fruits and vegetables. Too often, consumable “safety standards” are not in line with what consumers would choose if they were armed with better information. Even with laws to protect us, harmful chemicals still slip through the cracks as evidenced by the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Mr. Yazbeck’s solution was MyDx (“My Diagnostic”), the first low-cost handheld chemical analyzer for consumers. MyDx uses an electronic nose to detect chemicals in solids, liquids and gas. It can smell chemicals in the parts-per-billion level, which makes it far more advanced than the human nose. He founded MyDx in 2013, started the R&D, recruited strategic partners, secured intellectual property and prepared the product for a successful crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo.

MyDx has raised $7.6 million in private equity. It is currently working to complete and commercialize its next sensor for 2016, AquaDx™, which will enable users to measure the level of pesticides found in their food. AquaDx™ works with the MyDx chemical analyzer and will give consumers the power to determine if specially marked fruits and vegetables are truly organic.

First to Market: CannaDx and a $6 Billion Market

MassRoots (OTC: MSRT), a leading social platform for the cannabis industry with more than 750,000 followers, named MyDx the Official Marijuana Analyzer of the Cannabis Community. MyDx was also named the “coolest new product for cannabis enthusiasts” by CannaInsider.

The Company’s MyDx portable analyzer and CannaDxTM sensor kit includes its sophisticated, CannaDx smart phone app. It is the first-of-its-kind portable chemical analyzer, allowing the consumer to affordably identify the chemical composition of cannabis at the point of care. The CannaDx sensor delivers a Total Chemical Profile (TCP) which includes a measurement of THC, CBD, & CBN and 20+ terpenes. The CannaDxTM app also allows users to correlate the Total Chemical Profile (TCP) analysis with how the tested sample made them feel and what ailments it may have helped them relieve.