CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August 2016 - Page 8

MyDx, Inc. (OTCQB: MYDX) is a science and technology company that produces and markets the first battery operated, handheld, multi-use chemical analyzer for consumers. Its patented MyDx™ (My Diagnostic) product line is comprised of The MyDx Analyzer which houses interchangeable sensors for different applications and connects via Bluetooth to any Android or iOS smart phone app and leverages a crowd sourced cloud based database to analyze the chemical effect of what consumers eat, drink and inhale.

The San Diego-based Company launched its first product, CannaDxTM, in late 2015 to address the explosive growth in the $6 billion legal cannabis market and enable consumers to affordably identify the chemical composition of cannabis at the point of care. It has three new sensors in its 2016 commercialization pipeline for analyzing air, water and food.

The MyDx analyzer retails for $699 and includes the hardware (analyzer and sensor), smart phone app and 15 one-time disposable inserts for cannabis samples. The hardware has a gross margin starting at 40% and is expected to scale to over 64% at the higher volumes that it is now ramping up to manufacture. The MyDx requires one-time use “inserts,” that are priced at $1.29 and provide a recurring revenue stream with their gross margins expected to reach 70%.

A Device For A Better Life