CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August 2016 - Page 76

Cannabis is becoming a mainstream topic and for that reason the recreational market is picking up steam in various states across the US. The most early records of cannabis date back to 2027 BC and cite both the medical and recreational properties of the plant. In this modern age the cannabis economy is facing an industry shift state by state from medical cannabis programs to recreational legislation. With this shift it’s imperative to also shift individual brands to fit into a recreational program, this is only possible through implementing a detail oriented marketing strategy.

To understand how to begin planning this marketing play it’s crucial to gain more understanding into the difference between recreational and medical cannabis. The problem that can arise is that these two products are exactly the same, it is just a shift in advertising and sales strategies that make them ideal for each target demographic. Slight changes to branding, packaging and general marketing strategy can draw in either medical or recreational.

Medical Cannabis

Many states made valid laws regarding the packaging and labelling of medical cannabis after California’s original Compassionate Care Act that pioneered medical cannabis legislation. Most packages must be labeled in some way that they are for medical use only. Some counties even made laws that packages couldn’t be clear and thus all packaging became opaque. Aside from the laws, medical cannabis patients are looking for specific information on the label.


The Difference Between Recreational & Medical Cannabis