CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August 2016 - Page 51

Pawsitive FX™ Pet care (100%owned by Naturally Splendid Ltd.) Pawsitive FX™ is a Canadian company dedicated to improving the health and happiness of your furry family members. The Pawsitive FX™ line launched in 2015 and features a wide of range of pet care products including a line of nose and paw balms, and will be launching a line of all natural shampoos. We proudly ensure that our products use 100% natural ingredients that are not only healthy and safe for your pet, but that are also sustainable for the environment. Pawsitive FX™ products are currently available in retail outlets in Canada, and will be expanding into the US market.

CHII – Chi Hemp Industries Inc. (100%owned by Naturally Splendid Ltd.)

Chi Hemp Industries Incorporated (CHII) is an International Limited Liability Corporation physically headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with warehousing operations in both Victoria, Burnaby, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This corporation is in the business of growing, supplying, facilitating and diversifying the commercial hemp industry, while encouraging a 100% sustainable approach to all aspects of the agriculture industry and commerce associated with it. CHII was incorporated in May of 1998 and has been actively working to promote the Canadian Hemp Industry ever since through a grassroots movement to re-educate the public on the many wonderful and beneficial virtues of the hemp seed plant. We have worked tirelessly at thousands of live events communicating one on one with tens of thousands of people from all over the world.