CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August 2016 - Page 49

HempOmega™ and Nutritional Biotechnologies (100% owned by Naturally Splendid Ltd.) Naturally Splendid is producing scientifically proven, functional plant-based Omega 3-6-9 ingredients. These plant-based Omegas directly solve major issues inherent in marine-sourced omegas, including bioavailability, environmental sustainability, taste, and smell. In addition, these plant-based Omegas can be added to virtually any food as a powder, aqueous solution, or as an ingredient added to stand alone products, thereby markedly enhancing the nutrient value. Naturally Splendid’s plant-based Omega offerings include HempOmega™, H2Omega™, ChiaOmega™, FlaxOmega™, CanolaOmega™, and AlgaeOmega™. Potential product categories include pet foods, body products, livestock feeds, cosmeceuticals, and CBD infused pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Chickens that were fed HEMPOMEGA™ as an additive in their feed, had tests that produced the following highlight results: 527% increase in the omega-3 content of the eggs - 272% increase in the omega-3 content of the meat - lowered trans fats in the chickens by 5%


POS-BPC Manufacturing Corp. - Processing and Manufacturing Facility (51% Owned By Naturally Splendid Ltd.) Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Naturally Splendid’s POS Bio Processing Centre (POS- BPC) is the perfect platform for launching products that leverage the company’s proprietary omega extraction and formulation technologies. POS-BPC operates its 12,000 square foot facility containing approximately 60,000 liters of tankage, a fractional distillation system, evaporation equipment, spray drying equipment, a ring dryer, and various other pieces of complementary and auxiliary equipment. POS-BPC is capable of processing a variety of products, including plant-based omega technologies such as Naturally Splendid’s own HempOmega™. Additionally, the BPC facility is designed to produce plant-based extracts, tinctures, and dry ingredients in order to serve a wide variety of client requirements. Naturally Splendid also has in place a strategic cooperation agreement with Nature’s Health Products Canada Corp., a member of the POS Group of Companies ( ) based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This important partner has been in business for over 35 years and has over 600 major customers worldwide. Naturally Splendid has gained the ability to seamlessly coordinate entire plant-to product processes. From sourcing bio-active, plant-based ingredients to overseeing toll processing, formula development, and the creation of custom ingredient solutions, Naturally Splendid offers its clients the convenience and advantages of a comprehensive, “one-stop” service provider.