CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August 2016 - Page 37

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Sales will be made direct to Growers and then

through sales representatives being trained by our

parent company BLDV. OEM sales will also be made

to Tent and Container Grow manufacturers that will

bundle the product with their offerings. Commercial

growers will contract full Turn-Key Application, in

addition Cannabis-Clean will offer maintenance

contracts for ongoing bacterial protection.

Business Model

Working closely with our customers we plan on developing a substantial group of case studies and testimonials that will demonstrate the power of the product. Our "Keep it Clean “safe cannabis campaign will be a public/private partnership that will help to provide safe medicine to people that need it. We have strong collaboration with our OEM providers, and are currently negotiating an exclusive license for the Horticulture Industry for our products.


Some growers use Bleach to provide an anti-bacterial treatment for walls and floors. Our product is safer to use than Bleach and proper attire and mask are required to apply both. Other protective “shield” products are only temporary and wear off quickly.

Competitive Advantage

The success of our product relies not only on the compounds involved, but also on the system of applications, protocols of the process, and quality of our formulations. Cannabis-Clean is focused on solving problems for growers in this industry and will continue to develop procedures, products and processes that deliver a superior customer experience.

Target Market

Cannabis-Clean provides complete turnkey services for Commercial Grows. Anyone that grows or sells cannabis can benefit from the Cannabis-Clean product line, the products that can help to bring safer consumables to the market.


Our customers are Growers, both hobbyist and professionals as well as dispensaries, and manufacturing facilities. Cannabis-Clean will become the leader in preventive maintenance for grow room surfaces and the cleaning of tools and equipment.