CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August 2016 - Page 36

Company Overview

The company was formed in June of 2014 in Raleigh Durum NC.

-75% Ownership by Steve McMorrow

-20% Ownership by Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. (OTC-BLDV).

-5% Ownership by friends & family.

Cannabis-Clean is a full service janitorial company that specializes

in the unique needs of the Marijuana Industry.

Cannabis-Clean uses Nano-Technology and proven processes to

create microbe resistant grow spaces.

Steve McMorrow, President of Cannabis Clean has secured multiple

projects in and around Denver for Cannabis Growers, Dispensaries

and facilities of all sizes.

The company moved their corporate headquarters to Denver, CO.

in July of 2015.

Management Team

Cannabis-Clean's President - Steve McMorrow suffers from Epilepsy and was first made aware of the need for safe products by his own experiences. He is a driven entrepreneur that has a vision for a public / private partnership that will create the awareness for safe medicine & consumable cannabis products.

Cannabis Clean receives consulting services from Blue Diamond Consulting LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of BLDV an equity partner in Cannabis-Clean. and acts as Business Development Managers of the company. Maryellen McMorrow, Steve’s mother, is the acting CFO, Amber McMorrow, Steve’s wife is the Media & Marketing Manager.

Solutions for Customers

Large amounts of product is lost each year to Powdery Mildew, Algae, Molds and Pathogens. The Shield of Protection® surface treatment works on Walls, Floors, Lights, Hoses, Cords, Tanks, Instruments and more, to minimize the area available for undesirable pathogen growth. Specific Protocols are provided that give exact procedures to end users.

Products & Services

This is Anti-bacterial Technology that actually forms

a barrier or "Shield of Protection" that physically

shatters the cell walls of Molds, Mildew, Algae,

Bacteria and Microbes. This is done without chemicals

and is a One- Time Permanent Application. 

The Core Product is sold as a 2-Part Kit that uses

Cannabis Clean(er) (Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2)) to first

clean and remove bacteria without any residue, then

the Shield of Protection® (Silane Technology) is


The Cannabis Clean(er) is used between grows to

clean the Shield, so the customers will continue to buy product on a regular basis.

Executive Review