CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August 2016 - Page 35

“The business plan and operational model for Cannabis Clean has been reinvented more than once,” says Alper “first from a company that sold only products, to a company that emphasizes specialized antimicrobial application, and then to full cleaning services. It has captured the attention of the Colorado Cannabis Market because it’s fulfilling a need people kind of overlooked”

Cannabis Clean Today and in the Future

Cannabis Clean Owner Steve McMorrow and Blue Diamond CEO Josh Alper still work very closely. The pair continually strategize and analyze the rapidly changing landscape of the legal cannabis industry.

Cannabis Clean has seen its business and operational model successfully launched. As recent Marijuana Enforcement Division regulations have become stricter related to the cultivation and production of cannabis and its derivatives, McMorrow’s company has seen an increase in its business.

As the industry evolves McMorrow and Alper have already begun planning for the company’s expansion into other markets. Their aim is to offer individuals who seek entry into the cannabis industry an opportunity to do so, for a small startup cost, by becoming a licensed Cannabis Clean Janitorial Service Company.

Cannabis Clean’s program will call for potential licensees to attend a two day hands on training course in Denver. The course will include proper protocols, chemicals, operational specialty equipment, sales and marketing strategies, business formation, regulatory compliance and proper business insurance coverage and more.

As part of the licensing fee, licensees will receive products and supplies so that they can quickly recoup their licensee few. ROI and profits for licensees are expected to be realized in year one of operation.

“We plan on launching the Dealer

Program in November at the MJ Daily

Show in Vegas, where we will be

accepting applications for the Nevada,

California, Oregon and Washington

markets” said Alper “That combined

with the launch of a new web-store for

Cannabis Clean Supplies, will keep us

busy for now”