CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August 2016 - Page 34

Strategic Partnerships are the Key

Steve knew that to be successful he would need to relocate his new business to the epicenter of the legal marijuana industry although that, in and of itself, would not be enough to guarantee success. The first few months were hard, the trust factor was lacking and it was the most important element. Master

Growers rarely let anyone new into their

spaces, let alone to spray chemicals.

“Imagine telling a Chef his kitchen is

dirty,” says Steve “that’s basically the first

reactions we got in the beginning.”

Steve and his wife Amber stated

networking in Denver, joining Women

Grow and other organization to meet the

community. They built strong

relationships, and when they had the

chance, delivered excellent service. Some

of the first jobs were plain cleaning, "sure

we like the anti-mold thing, but can you

come and help clean the place up” was

being heard more and more. What was

actually happening was the compliance

requirements were forcing people to

clean up their act!

Steve recognized this need immediately and again transformed his business to the needs of the market. He did this by providing the specialized cleaning of the cannabis Industry to all types of entities on a monthly contract basis. This was the key that, by providing the regular general cleaning, they built the trust that was required to gain the confidence of the Master Growers and company owners to use the custom anti-microbial services when required.

Electrostatic Spraying Technology insures smooth uniform coating and coverage, “The spraying technology is critical to the success of the application” said McMorrow “the product that is being applied actually wraps around the surface of anything it comes into contact with. Our largest investments, after our trained technicians, is in state-of-the-art application equipment”

Cannabis Clean Services are sold to Commercial Cannabis Growers as turn-key offerings specializing in anti-microbial applications and ongoing maintenance packages. They also offer products and services that clean, deodorize and prevent the growth of Microbes, Mold and Mildew for Commercial Cannabis Growers, Processors and Retailers.