CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August 2016 - Page 33

“I admit we were quite naïve in the beginning” said Steve McMorrow, “we spent a bit too much time at Cannabis Cup events and thinking that the product needed to be cool. Today we are highly focused on compliance, meaning helping our clients to maintain the nearly hospital grade cleanliness that is required by the MED and the Health Department. Regulations will only get more strict and I want to help growers get ahead of them.”

To meet these requirements, the company had to develop specific protocols, and test unique products to ensure cleaning practices translate into clean grow rooms and facilities. The cleaner the space, the safer the medicine for patients and consumers alike.

Enter Green Science Inc., founded by Joshua B. Alper in 2014 as an offshoot of the families’ consulting business, the company worked for nearly two years with Steve to not only test products and results, but to also define the “Nano Surface Technology” approach and the real science behind the cleaning practices and anti-microbial applications.

Green Science Inc. was acquired by Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. (OTC: BLDV) earlier this year, with Josh named as Chief Operating Officer of the Public Company. BLDV went on to acquire a 20% equity position with Clean 1st, and Blue Diamond Consulting LLC (new name of Green Science Inc.) continues to supply their well-known Suite-of-Services, including Business Development, Product Development, and Financial support.

“Our association with BLDV has been quite beneficial, initially we were a wholly owned subsidiary, but the new equity structure is proving to allow more collaboration and a real working relationship, not only money, of course that part helps as well” said Steve McMorrow.

“Products are tested for contaminates of all kinds on a molecular level by compliance officials, we needed to understand our offerings at that level” remarked Josh Alper, “Cannabis Clean can apply these technologies to grow rooms, dispensaries, offices, restrooms, kitchens, production areas and more.”

The scientific community has made incredible advances in targeting, destroying and preventing the

growth of mold, mildew and

bacteria. Our complete cannabis

grow room cleaning protocols help growers keep a clean environment which equals safer, higher-quality medicine for patients and less crop loss due to contamination.