CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August 2016 - Page 32

Two years ago, when Steve McMorrow first told his mother, Mary Ellen, that he wanted change the family cleaning business into a marijuana based company, the reaction was mixed.

Mc-Junk, the families junk and odor removal company was struggling. Steve’s father, the company’s founder has just passed away and Mary Ellen was apprehensive about an industry she knew nothing about. With the family business in Raleigh, NC the goal of a Cannabis Business seems remote, but Steve was determined and what follows is an example of the fact that success in this industry is only limited by commitment, and hard work.

Steve McMorrow was living in L.A. working in the film industry, when he moved back to Raleigh to help his mother operate the family business. He immediately recognized the need to transform the business. One of the repeating themes in the Junk business was the removal of smells and the need disinfect the spaces after the items were removed. Steve formed his own company to treat odors to compliment the family business, but to also go after other industries.

Steven is an epileptic who began using medical marijuana a few years ago to help aid his disorder; it was at that time he had a vision of transforming his odor removal business to provide cultivators with a means to be proactive in preventing contamination of their vital crops. “If I was going to use cannabis as medicine, I wanted to make sure that it was coming from a place that was clean and sterile; just like any place that manufactures medicine. If people are going to say it’s medication, they should treat it that way from the beginning and provide patients clean products” says Steve. This was his motivation for starting Cannabis Clean.

Today, Cannabis Clean (registered mark of Clean 1st LLC) is a professional, specialized janitorial service serving Cannabis Cultivators in Colorado. The company moved in July 2015 and is now located in Denver, Colorado. What makes Cannabis Clean special is the unique nature of the industry. Cleaning in Cannabis facilities is anything but simple as different oils and resins abound, as well as molds, fungi, insects, security concerns and compliance regulations. Most of these do not exist in other industries, or at least not altogether.