CANNAINVESTOR Magazine August 2016 - Page 28

If you have not done so already, read and always keep handy every issue of CANNAINVESTOR Magazine. Each issue has excellent articles written by Professionals as well as detailed analysis and coverage of different companies. Much like Retail Investors, CANNAINVESTOR itself has also adapted to the ever-changing environment as the July issue included a short-term stock list in addition to the long-term stock list. The #1 pick on the July issue’s Short Term list was Pazoo Inc. Within days, there were tweets of 100% profit made in just one day! As with many short-term investments, one must often time entry and exit points with near precision to be successful. Subscribing to CANNAINVESTOR Magazine and continuously monitoring companies that appear in their two lists and elsewhere in each issue is a valuable tool and asset for the successful Retail Investor.

Therefore, the Cannabis industry is undergoing Ecoforming with a myriad of variables and obstacles but you can create a plan to mitigate the risk and capitalize on opportunities. Be prepared to open and exit positions as needed. Just because you owned stock in a company yesterday and sold it today does not mean that you are not long on the company. It means that you identified an opportunity to either preserve your money in the short run or perhaps make a greater return elsewhere with the intention to open a new position in that same company in the future.

The balance of 2016 could present tremendous opportunities as the Ecoforming intensifies. Rather than present you with a new company to consider as a case study, lets revisit the four companies that I previously presented as case studies. Continuous monitoring is the key to success after all

Is the cannabis industry

a good investment?

You decide!