CANNAHEALTH The Opioid Epidemic - Page 9

ACNA was founded to bring nurses together, to educate and to share and to one day have the ability to certify nurses in the science behind endocannabinoids therapeutics. It has approximately 500 members. It is the most respected profession in the country. This is our time, because we, as leaders, have a responsibility to investigate and promote all safe practices that governs us, in each and every state of this country. We can only do that by continuous education, and by remaining active in all aspects of current research and in all aspects of teaching.

It is within our power, and our scope of practice to provide and to support holistic care. That is who we are. The growing need to educate others, the growing need to support this process gives us the hope that cannabis therapeutic education will be included in formal healthcare education going forward. We know and have witnessed that this remains a difficult task.

We are the future; we know that this is one of the most significant medical and credible issues that we are faced with today, to make accessible, safe access like many other natural herbs that have healing techniques. We must educate, we must organize, and most of all we must gently bring our nurses forward, unafraid, and with spirit to share.


Sue is a high energy and skilled professional Registered Nurse, possessing strong communication and administrative skills with over 18 years of management experience and over 30 years as a trauma/burn/ER specialist. In addition, she has a keen analytic ability to successfully resolve issues and to exceed standards for outstanding commitment to the future of self-evident outcomes and to the continued support for Medicinal Marijuana. SHE IS AN ACTIVIST.

Her commitment to promoting educational tools and organizing the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA) has been obvious throughout her membership, past events and work within the movement to extend to patients, our colleagues, and our friends and loved ones, the right to medicate freely within the safe guidelines that we, as nurses, promote.

Sue De Gregorio-Rosen RN, CLNC