CANNAHEALTH The Opioid Epidemic - Page 41

His wife chimed in, “He didn’t smoke at all this week. Marijuana helps him sleep too. But he hasn’t slept in at least four nights. He’s trying to do what his doctor wants him to do, but I think it’s a bad idea. It’s just not worth it honey!” My patient’s wife was now speaking directly to her husband, “Please don’t go off of your medicine again!”

“I agree with your wife, sir. You should continue to use your medicine. I think you can stay out of the hospital if you continue to use cannabis to treat your symptoms.” I stated with confidence. “My only suggestions — you should work with a physician who understands therapeutic cannabis and PTSD. And make sure you obtain cannabis from a reputable source, such as a medical marijuana dispensary.”

My patient and his wife could get on board with that plan. And I could add their story to my constantly growing list of anecdotal evidence for the therapeutic use of cannabis. A few days later, I followed up with my patient. He was doing well, using his cannabis in the morning and before bed. He had slept relatively well, and was searching for a recommending physician who could help him gain access to the medical marijuana dispensaries in our state. Before we got off the phone, he thanked me for not judging him, for encouraging him to continue to use the remedy that helped him most. I could hear the relief in his voice. In that moment, I realized that I made a positive impact in this patient’s life. As a nurse, I always hope to do so. With this patient and his family, I had succeeded.

Marissa Fratoni, RN

Marissa Fratoni, RN-BSN, LMT, RYT, INHC