CANNAHEALTH The Opioid Epidemic - Page 34

There is good news though. Since we staged this demonstration, the rate of Veteran suicides per day has dropped from 22 to 20 nationwide. That’s 730 Veterans who decided maybe life was worth living after all. I’d like to think that the number of states who have legalized medical cannabis has contributed to that. I’d like to think that as the old stigma falls away, as the lies that have been propagated about cannabis since 1937 are exposed, and the evidence that cannabis is a beneficial plant rather than “The Devil’s Lettuce” mounts, our Legislators will abandon their prohibitionist thinking. I’d like to think that their compassion will override their fear of in-state cultivation of cannabis and production of medical oil. I’d like to think that soon, anyone who needs medicine made from this wonderful, healing plant will be able to obtain it. In the meantime, Veterans here in Georgia will continue to push for the inclusion of PTSD in the list.

Our Veterans did what this Country asked of them. The price many of them paid is imprisonment in their own minds. Cannabis helps unlock the door.