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Len May, is a pioneer in the cannabis industry with over 15 years of cannabis ventures. As a Medical Cannabis Consultant, he has an In-depth knowledge of genomics, cannabinoids (genotypes), terpenes(chemo types) and their specific effects. This enables him to consult on formulations that effectively treat specific conditions. His experience also encompasses a strong understanding of branding (Celebrity brands)and compliance as well as capital raising and commercial real estate. He has proven success in navigating a variety cannabis related ventures. Some of his clients include the top industry brands in the industry like Med Men, THC Design, Pure Ratios, Willie's Reserve, CW and Shango. He is often tapped for TV/Film production consulting. Also a past President of the Cannabis Action Network and Master, Certified Cannabis Specialist

WHY DOES HE DO IT: “I believe in safe, effective, personalized cannabis derived medicine and it being available to anyone who needs it. My purpose is to facilitate the production from seed all the way though the cultivation process to insure the delivery of quality products through DNA technology and then to formulate the source martial to understand the effectiveness of cannabis genetics on human conditions.”

Dr. Lawrence is a graduate of UCLA Undergrad, UC Irvine Medical School, Internship at USC Los Angles County Hospital, and performed a Residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Lawrence has also attained a Masters in Human Nutrition and Ph.D. In Psychology at the Pacific Institute for Advanced Studies in Los Angles, California.

Dr. Lawrence currently practices Integrative Medicine, Holistic Wellness, and Prevention care and is an expert in managing patients with Medical Cannabis Dr. Lawrence has co-authored and published 24 books including When Your Body Talks, Listen! and When Your Body Talks, Heal It! These book are designed to help people better understand how stress creates both acute and chronic illnesses and premature death. Dr. Lawrence has written more than 150 articles and developed many patients education programs discussing or introducing natural treatments, methods of prevention, information on how to attain wellness.

“Cannabis when used as medicine, is a valuable tool which Enlightened and evolved physicians and Integrative Practitioners can use, to both prevent and heal those who are ill.” Allen Lawrence, M.D.

Len May

Master Certified Cannabis Specialist

Allen Lawrence, M.D., M.A., Ph.D.