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We ourselves in our practice tend, for our patients, to recommend those varieties and products high in CBD (Cannabidiol). Not only is CBD highly effective but when formulated specifically for the patients unique needs is highly effectively. With low levels of THC, many individuals can still function normally without getting high and still have the capacity and ability to work. We always suggest that the individual best take his morning dosage after reporting to work so that during the day he gets optimal pain relief and by the late afternoon, when he will be soon driving home, the CBD has completely worn off. Obviously, since it is illegal in every state and territory to drive under the influence, he should not drive until he is capable and he should not during the day operate and machinery wherein he or someone else could be injured.

There are currently 11 Randomized Controlled Trials underway for Cannabinoids for the Treatment of Chronic Pain. 7 studies demonstrated cannabinoid exhibited analgesic effect that was significantly better that the control. The conclusion of the studies was that cannabinoids demonstrated an analgesic effect and are safe in management of chronic pain. (M E Lynch, Mark Ware, 2016)

Other Options?

There are, of course, other pain medication options wherein opiate addiction can be avoided. It is likely in many cases medical cannabis has been the last resort after these other options have either failed or were found to be inadequate in some way. In every case, the choice of pain medication and the ability to avoid opiate addiction must be one of care and forethought. Those individuals who have a history of addiction or substance abuse issues with cannabis should talk with their physician and consider trying all other options before settling on medical cannabis.

Allen Lawrence, M.D., M.A., Ph.D. – Medical Director, Earth Healthcare Medical Group

Len May, Master, Certified Cannabis Specialist (MCCS)

Medical cannabis should is an excellent option for those individuals who medically require pain relief, who have had a history of opiate addiction or abuse, who have had poor results with other medications, and when medical cannabis is the best choice for dealing with pain and the patients ability to live a normal life and function optimally.

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