Canadian RMT Magazine Spring 2016 Volume 1 - Page 4

editor’s Letter Discover Soft Discover Gentle Gentle Soft Tissue Release Release Tissue Discover Gentle Soft Tissue Release DiscoverCranium Gentle Soft to Tissue Release where to find me Cranium to C Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Canadian RMT magazine. We’re excited Sacrum Cranium and every trigger point in to between Ease Cranium to and ✔ Chronic head & neck pain ✔ Whiplash & TMJ ✔ Migraines & headaches Sacrum ✔ Thoracic every✔ trigger point in between Lumbar & Sacram to launch the first ever publication to go out to every massage therapist in the province of Ontario. Better yet, it’s absolutely free, thanks to the generous support of our advertisers and sponsors. The massage profession is rich, vibrant and growing. You may not know it, but Ontario therapists are leaders in the massage field and are highly regarded worldwide. This magazine celebrates the massage therapists of this province - the practitioners who are in their clinics every day, touching the lives of the people in their community. In the future we will be highlighting the contributions, ideas and achievements of many of the province’s movers and shakers. But we also want to expand your horizons, so we will take you out of the walls of your massage room. We’ll introduce you to clinicians and educators from around the world who have innovative ideas that can shape your practice and the profession as it progresses forward. As a massage therapist you possess a powerful tool. Yes, you can help people feel better and live pain-free. You can decrease stress, anxiety and discomfort through touch. These contributions to another person’s wellbeing are both fulfilling and humbling. But you can have a much broader impact on the world around you. Through the power of massage you can create an environment which Don Dillon RMT so eloquently describes as “the antithesis to violence and aggressive behavior in society”. We hope to inspire you to see the incredible impact of your work on the world around you and to help you broaden that impact even further. Ease andandevery trigger point in between every trigger point in between ✔ Chronic head & neck pain Ease ✔ Whiplash & TMJ Ease ✔ Use in Treatment Sacrum Recommend for home use Sacrum Chronic head & neck pain pain ✔ ✔ Migraines & headaches Chronic head & neck ✔ Whiplash & TMJ ✔ ✔ Thoracic Whiplash & TMJ ✔ Migraines & headaches ✔ ✔ Lumbar & Sacram & headaches ✔ Migraines Thoracic Use inThoracic Treatment ✔ ✔ Lumbar & Sacram Recommend for home use Use in Treatment ✔ Lumbar & Sacram Enjoy! • 888-380-6748 Wholesale Pricing Recommend for home use Use in Treatment Recommend for home use Eric Brown Editor-in-Chief, Canadian RMT PS As we develop future issues, we want your input. We want to hear about the great things you’re doing and about the things you’d like to learn about through this magazine. Feel free to visit our site and tell us what you have been doing or simply leave us your ideas for future articles and features. We’d love to hear from you. • 888-380-6748 • 888-380-6748 Wholesale Pricing Wholesale Pricing • 888-380-6748 Wholesale Pricing 888-380-6748 Wholesale Pricing SPring 2016 Volume 1 Issue 1 editor-in-chief Contributing writers Eric Brown | Erik Dalton, James Waslaski, Tina Allen, Robert Libbey, Kelly Armstrong, Alejandro Elorriaga Claraco, Claire Gavin Art director Erin Stanley | erin@erinstanleydesign ˘